SOJOURNER Mars MicroRover from the Pathfinder Mission

My Fifth Geocache is also a small "Sojourner" Mars MicroRover toy.
Since it moves, the coordinates change constantly for this cache.
It will either be "IN TRANSIT" or "HIDDEN".
"IN TRANSIT" means that a Geocacher is moving it to a new cache.
"HIDDEN" means that it is in a NEW cache at the coordinates below.

The current coordinates are N ?? ??.???'  W ??? ??.???'.
The cache is traveling to the next cache with "SwampGirl & BugBoy"!

This is a TRAVELING CACHE. The cache is the small ROVER toy. I want a Geocacher to take the ROVER from the cache it is in and move it to a new cache location. Then another Geocacher does the same and so on and so on. The instructions are below and on a card attached to the toy. DO NOT take this item unless you are going to move it to a NEW cache. If you want to move this, you MUST email me the new cache coordinates.

I first saw the original toy used listed in the Woodside Cache in Georgia. Since it was small and had wheels, I thought it would be a great traveling cache. Then erik88l-r got it before me. Dangit!  Erik then re-hid the toy in another cache. PERFECT!!! I set out and got it several days later. I hid it again... and off it went. Due to unbelievable circumstance (just ask me), I have changed the toy with the assistance of Geocaching luck.
If you have a question, email me!

If you take the cache, you can log it as "found".  When you re-hide the cache, you must log it as "other".  This way you only get one credit for the cache.  If you log it twice as "found", I will delete the second log on my page, and ask you to log it again as "other".

PLEASE do not take the
unless you intend to place it in a new cache and let me know where you put it. I can then update this page so it can be found again and moved on to the next cache. Please DO NOT put it in an obscure, difficult to reach location. Let's see how far it goes! I have only seen these at eBay.
This is a RARE item, please do not keep the cache.

**RULES: The challenge is easy, but it carries responsibility:
1. Accept the challenge, go for and grab the little "Sojourner Mars MicroRover" toy.
2. You MUST note that you took it in the logs for the cache it was located in AND my ROVER page.
3. You MUST contact me via email with your plan for the next cache location you will move it to.
4. Contact me immediately when you successfully re-hide it in a new cache.

Traveling Cache Location History

Hidden / Taken Cache Location Geocacher's GeoNick
(1) 7-14/7-15-2001 Sweetwater Stump #1 mtn-man (me)
(2) 7-21/7-21-2001 Rock On ChasMargZachCaro
(3) 7-21/7-22-2001 Woodside Cache obd3
(4) 7-22/7-30-2001 Kennesaw Mtn Geocache 2 Gossamyrrh
(5) 8-05/8-05-2001 Watch for flying objects... mtn-man (new ROVER!)
(6) 8-11/8-12-2001 Sports Trek navistar
(7) 8-12/8-14-2001 Whole "Line" Yards erik88l-r
(8) 8-14/9-03-2001 Between a Rock & a Hard Place bent_twigs
(9) 9-08/9-09-2001 Lullwater Easter Egg SwampGirl & BugBoy
(10) 9-10/9-13-2001 wiseAshe MrFooz
(11) 9-19/9-22-2001 Candler Park - 'Silly Cache' The Adventurers
(12) 9-22/9-22-2001 Rock n Roll myhikingboots
(13) 9-22/9-22-2001 Sept. GGA Meeting black knight
(14) 9-23/9-25-2001 Get Fit! Slayerette
(15) 10-01/10-03-2001 Cache the Hooch Show Me The Cache
(16) 10-03/10-07-2001 Morningside Cache bikegoode
(17) 10-07/10-08-2001 Cator's Place salange
(18) ??-??/??-??-2001 ...***IN TRANSIT***... SwampGirl & BugBoy

Good Luck and Good Hiking! mtn-man (Greg)

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