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God Bless America -- 9/11/2001
What is Geocaching?
Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for GPS (Global Positioning System) users. Participating in a cache hunt is a good way to take advantage of the wonderful features and capability of a GPS unit. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. All the visitor is asked to do is if they get something then they should try to leave something for the cache. You pronounce it Geo-cashing, like cashing a check.

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I have turned the first Kennesaw Mtn Cache into a virtual cache.  This would be just another good reason to visit Kennesaw...
and a good workout!
Now for my caches. CACHE #1 STOLEN! Yes, I went to check it and it was gone. The thief could have at least left the empty box for people playing the game. What can you say about people that steals some beanie babies, pencils and postcards. Well, how about a virtual cache instead. It is a tough one now!
Kennesaw Mtn Geocache GONE VIRTUAL

Geocache box uncovered My Geocache 2 is also an ammo box. It is VERY WELL HIDDEN. It is located in the Kennesaw Mtn. National Battlefield Park near Marietta, GA. Please be good hikers... this is a highly historical area!
Bring some water with you, and enjoy the view!
My Kennesaw Mtn Geocache 2 Page

Geocache closed My third Geocache is an Anniversary Cache placed one year from the date of the first cache.   My gift to the Geocacher is the meaning of "SOAP".  Park at the Primary Waypoint for $2.00, DO NOT park on the road. You may cause an accident and you will get honked at (especially by me!)
1st Anniversary Geocache -- SOAP?

Fly... MARS ROVER -- Traveling Cache My fourth Geocache is a wild cache, a Traveling Cache. I want people to carry this ROVER with the tag attached from cache to cache. DO NOT KEEP IT! It is a mission, it carries RESPONSIBILITY! Just keep the cache (the Sojourner) in touch with all and moving.
Fly... MARS ROVER Traveling Cache

ATL... MARS ROVER 2 -- Traveling Cache My Fifth Geocache is yet another Traveling Cache. This ROVER 2 MUST STAY IN ATLANTA. Now we have our own ROVER to play with.  Remember, DO NOT KEEP IT! It is a mission, it carries RESPONSIBILITY! Just keep the cache (the Sojourner 2) in touch with all and moving.
ATL... MARS ROVER 2 Traveling Cache

Drive through Geocaching!
My Sixth Geocache is a Virtual Cache. All I can say is that this is much harder than it looks.  You may get lucky and find the Department Location quickly.
One Way to the Right Way -- Virtual

Raven Cliff at the end of the trail
My Seventh Geocache is my Raven Cliffs First Cache.
I have loved this area ever since I hiked it the first time and I had to put a cache here. It is the regular ammo container, and the link below shows you the area.
mtn-man's Raven Cliffs Page

mtn-woman and J.C. the puppymonster near the cache
The Eighth Geocache is my wife's first cache. It is a simple two step Multi-Stage Cache. This cache has a theme of Fun and Games, so bring something FUN! She had wanted to place a cache and had lots of fun items to start one with so here it is!
Fun and Games by mtn-woman

The Washington DC Mall from the Capital Steps
My Nineth Geocache is a virtual cache that I created in Washington DC. The first time I went here was at night, and I hope you get to visit the area at night too. It is special in the low light and when it is quiet.
So We Will Remember Them

This Won't
Hurt A Bit!!!
My Tenth Geocache is actually an easy cache! It is close to parking and just is asking to be found. This cache is pretty easy, in fact...
This Won't Hurt a Bit

Will Robinson!
My Eleventh Geocache is a sandwich container. I consider it a micro-cache. The difficulty is finding the correct parking spot and finding the small cache.
Danger Will Robinson Cache

New Manchester Manufacturing Company Ruins near the cache
My Twelfth Geocache is a virtual cache in Sweetwater State Park. No actual caches are allowed in GA State Parks, but this is a beautiful park that should be shared with Geocachers. Enjoy your hike, and fish some while you are there. This cache is a companion and a tribute to CharlieP's Roswell Manufacturing Co. cache.
New Manchester Manufacturing Co.

NOTE: I wrote the company that makes the red wagon toy originally used in traveling cache 1 and 2 asking permission to use their name and logo. Their law firm wrote me back. The letter said that I could not use their name here, and I have decided to change the cache to another item. The change is done. Many thanks to the Geocachers listed who are keeping both caches on the move.

1513 MPH, Mach One and Beyond At the August 2001 GGA Meeting in Atlanta, we were looking at my GPS. I saw this reading of my max speed and blew it off. I looked again later. I would guess that as I made a turn, the satellites at first thought I went straight. As the GPS recalculated my position, the receiver must have thought I did a quick bank to the left. 1,513 MPH, and I was still late!

Proud Member of the GGA -- Georgia Geocachers Association Mtn-man Main Page

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GPS stash/Geocache hunting, like any outdoor sport, carries the risk of unforeseen hazards. We support a policy of not knowingly placing stashes in areas that will create undue risk to the cache hunter. However, as conditions and cache locations may vary, it is the responsibility of the searcher to become thoroughly familiar with the conditions in the area to be searched, to adequately prepare for those conditions, and to conduct oneself safely and responsibly with respect to those conditions and with respect to his or her personal abilities and limitations. Individual Geostash and GPS cache sponsors assume no liability for events which may occur related directly or indirectly to one's searching for a stash.

Do not let children hunt for GPS stashes unsupervised.

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