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God Bless America -- 9/11/2001

What Geocaching has mtn-man done?

If you are curious about which caches I have done, well here is my list. I have arranged it like the list on the "MY CACHE PAGE" list at

My first *Found* cache is at the bottom, and I pile them on top from there. I currently have three traditional caches hidden, two *Traveling Caches*, and I have a virtual cache that is the first cache in Clayton County, GA. I have also had one cache stolen, my first Kennesaw Cache.  
God Bless America... Remember 9/11/2001.

Each cache is a different adventure. You never know how it will be. Sometimes I make it harder than it has to be. I have tried to not give any spoilers below.

STATUS -- Found It or Not, or Notes if Important Date Cache Location Comments
59 I FOUND IT!!! 01/01/2002 Rock On (GA) FINALLY went back from 8-5-01.
58 I FOUND IT!!! 12/31/2001 Village People in Buckhead (GA) Closed this day, so quick in and out.
57 I FOUND IT!!! 12/31/2001 Buckhead (GA) This one intrigued me. VERY well done.
56 I FOUND IT!!! 12/31/2001 Cookie Jar (GA) Quick, and good spot. Bark, bark, bark.
55 I FOUND IT!!! 12/18/2001 Bessie's Point (MA) 3 of 3 Really a nice area, five stars. Got all 3!!
54 I FOUND IT!!! 12/17/2001 Harold Parker State Forest (MA) In the dark and in snow, but I found it.
53 I FOUND IT!!! 12/17/2001 Crystal's Geocache (MA) 1 of 3 Beautiful area; good place to start in MA.
52 I FOUND IT!!! 12/05/2001 GeoRover #2 Traveler (NC) Found it 8-5-01; cache page just created.
51 I FOUND IT!!! 12/03/2001 Brea Dam (CA) 5 of 5 Weird area, but good cache. Got all 5!!
50 I FOUND IT!!! 12/03/2001 Big Hunk O' Steel Cache (CA) Or... Little Wet Soggy Cache. Bummer.
49 I FOUND IT!!! 12/03/2001 5 Presidents beats 2 Kings and a Queen  (CA) 3 of 5 Cool OtisPug microcache. Took a while to find it! Easy and fun.
48 I FOUND IT!!! 12/03/2001 Schabarum (CA) 2 of 5 Another hill -- covered in rosemary.
47 I FOUND IT!!! 12/03/2001 Skyline View (CA) 1 of 5 Beautiful area, I had to go to a hill first.
46 I FOUND IT!!! 11/18/2001 Radio K.A.O.S. (Australia!) First in the U.S.A. to log this cache!!!
45 I FOUND IT!!! 11/11/2001 Allatoona Pass Battlefield (GA) J.C. (10), my wife and I get attacked by an unleashed dog. We earned this one.
44 I FOUND IT!!! 11/10/2001 A Blast From The Past (GA) A virtual cache I did after the GGA meet.
43 I FOUND IT!!! 11/10/2001 Zig~Zag (GA) We all did this cache near the meeting.
  NOTE... NOTE... NOTE... 11/10/2001 GGA November Meeting (GA) The boat race at the end was priceless!
42 I FOUND IT!!! 11/01/2001 Bowie Cache One (MD) 5 of 5 Dropped off a traveling cache, the little firelady cache from KY. Found all 5!!!
41 I FOUND IT!!! 11/01/2001 Forest Service Information Center Virtual Cache (DC)
4 of 5
This was like a pilgrimage for me. It is in a neat building with nice people. I actually got a poster at a virtual cache!
40 I FOUND IT!!! 11/01/2001 Everything is Relative (District of Columbia) 3 of 5 This was a quick one thanks to the parking gods near the State Department.
39 I FOUND IT!!! 11/01/2001 Capitol View (DC) 2 of 5 Actual cache area was closed (by 9-11).
38 I FOUND IT!!! 10/30/2001 The view of an "Honest Man" (District of Columbia) 1 of 5 I love this place. For a while I was alone there. Truly magical, a must see.
37 I FOUND IT!!! 10/28/2001 Pumpkinvine Creek (GA) J.C. gets his ninth cache with me.
36 I FOUND IT!!! 10/27/2001 Sport Trek (GA) A LONG one, but fun. Took two days.
35 I FOUND IT!!! 10/20/2001 Newton Factory Shoals (GA) Ran to this one quickly after the meeting.
34 I FOUND IT!!! 10/20/2001 GGA October Meeting (GA) Good meeting on the east side of town.
33 I FOUND IT!!! 10/07/2001 Dukes Creek Falls (GA) One of the first in GA, great area.
  NOTE... NOTE... NOTE... 9/22/2001 Sept GGA Meeting (GA) Great Meeting! Snakes Alive!!!
32 I FOUND IT!!! 9/19/2001 Give Blood Cache (NY) I cannot donate blood, but we gave $$.
Cache Wins This Time!  DANGIT! 9/03/2001 Rock On (GA) Too much rain for this one. Found 1-1-02.
31 I FOUND IT!!! 9/03/2001 Woodside Cache (GA) Rainy day Geocaching... interesting.
30 I FOUND IT!!! 8/26/2001 Heritage Park (GA) Long cache... Terrain is really a 3.5!
J.C. goes with me on his eighth.
29 I FOUND IT!!! 8/19/2001 Between a Rock and a Hard Place (GA) This is a slightly harder cache, good navigation is key. Number 7 for J.C.
28 I FOUND IT!!! 8/19/2001 Cache Me "In" A Can (GA) Great area for J.C. to hike with me, and this was his sixth cache.
27 I FOUND IT!!! 8/17/2001 Pick nick ville (GA) I left the Roving Rover here; I forgot it last week -- see 12-5-01 above.
26 I FOUND IT!!! 8/12/2001 Cache the Hooch (GA) Cache Kicks Can of mtn-man. Trail running?? J.C. ends up with No. 5.
25 I FOUND IT!!! 8/11/2001 Chicken Little's Starting Point (GA) Quick cache I got on the way home from the August GGA Meeting.
24 I FOUND IT!!! 8/11/2001 Aug. GGA Meeting (GA) I had to log it; a long drive and all GPS.
23 I FOUND IT!!! 8/05/2001 Watch out for flying objects... (GA) Great area! I left the new Mars ROVER Traveling Cache 2 here to re-start it. I also took Crotalus Rex Roving Rover.
22 I FOUND IT!!! 7/27/2001 Mission 10a: River Bearer (GA)
Atlanta's Planet of the Apes Cache.
I was third, I did not miss bent_twigs by much. Parking did cost me dearly. Good to meet him and see the item. Being one of the first, this was tough.
NOTE... NOTE... NOTE... 7/15/2001 Second ATL Area Geocachers' Gathering Nice time with more people coming out to the meeting. Great that we do this.
21 I FOUND IT!!! 7/14/2001 Sweetwater Stump #1 (GA) My 2nd Traveling Cache starts.
20 I FOUND IT!!! 7/8/2001 The Brushy Mountain Cache (GA) I was very intrigued by the relic. Logs help on this one, so did J.C. (his #4)
19 I FOUND IT!!! 7/1/2001 Mount Cheaha Geocache (Alabama) Been here before. Do NOT miss the view. Replaced the cache box for LoCache.
18 I FOUND IT!!! 6/23/2001 B.S.A. T-757 (GA) The start of the first Traveling Cache.
17 I FOUND IT!!! 6/23/2001 Diamond's Mine (GA) Lesson... don't forget your printout.
16 I FOUND IT!!! 6/9/2001 Get Fit! (GA) Hunted with ironcurtain. My brother was with me, ironcurtain found it first.
NOTE... NOTE... NOTE... 6/9/2001 Atlanta Area Geocachers' Gathering! The first meeting... it was productive and informative. We got things going here.
15 I FOUND IT!!! 6/7/2001 Pierce Park Cache (GA) Foxhall Cup Winner's Cache.
14 I FOUND IT!!! 6/2/2001 Rockdale Swinging Bridge (GA) Looked at the big river a good bit...
   what swinging bridge! DOH!
13 I FOUND IT!!! 6/2/2001 Arabia Mountain Cash Stash (GA) Like a little Stone Mtn. Puppy friendly area, J.C. would like it. We'll be back.
12 I FOUND IT!!! 5/31/2001 Treasure Chest (GA) The beginning of the WAGON saga.
Cache Wins This Time!  DANGIT! 5/28/2001 Woodside Cache (GA) We searched around 10 min., skeeters!
11 I FOUND IT!!! 5/25/2001 Morgan Falls (GA) I stepped on this one before on 5/23.
10 I FOUND IT!!! 5/25/2001 Geocache by Pate (GA) A must find, one of GA's first caches.
9 I FOUND IT!!! 5/25/2001 Easy Micro-Stash at Charles McDaniel Park (coins) (GA) As I went from cache to cache doing five today. Great, very unique spot.
8 I FOUND IT!!! 5/25/2001 wiseAshe (GA) One of the toughest, and the coolest.
7 I FOUND IT!!! 5/25/2001 Candler Park aka 'Silly Cache' (GA) In a good spot.  You must duck and cover so you are not seen.
Cache Wins This Time!  DANGIT! 5/23/2001 Morgan Falls (GA) No printout, just coordinates.
6 I FOUND IT!!! 5/16/2001 Allatoona Dam (GA) Very cool... I got a Civil War miniball.
5 I FOUND IT!!! 4/29/2001 Stone Mountain (GA) J.C. was welcome in this area. (3)
4 I FOUND IT!!! 4/29/2001 Wedged in Stone Mountain (GA) Took J.C. with me (2), found the cache, then got run off. (No Dogs Allowed!)
3 I FOUND IT!!! 4/28/2001 Morningside Cache (GA) On TV with the Foxhall Challenge guys, erik88l-r and WXIA-TV. Thanks!
2 I FOUND IT!!! 3/17/2001 Postcards & Pens (GA) My wife and the puppymonster, too.


I FOUND IT!!! 2/27/2001 River Bluff (Georgia) My first. It was moved, archived, and now is back again in a new location.

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